Leo Ganley

Songwriting: My passion is to make music, to create a living and breathing melodic movie - one that often looks and feels different through the ears of each listener.  I have spent my entire conscious life time drinking from this well, and it is something that I never asked for or chose to do.

Perhaps one man's gift is another man's curse, but I have been given the gift of seeing music in all of the things that I touch, so I'm compelled to make songs.  I'm lucky enough to live in a universe of melodies and picture movies, so it has become my job to organize them into songs!

Over the last three decades I have written and recorded more music than I can keep track of. The thrill for me is discovering what today's gift is going to be, and what it will feel like when I sing it.  My rule of thumb is to blow MY OWN mind...

Recording:  Recording demos of new songs that are being written, or even new covers that are being added to the repertoire is what I spend all of my time doing.  Studio time is where I work with my partners to shape what we do, and the tape is always rolling.

I am happy to share if you are interested in hearing the latest thing that we are working on. Just send an email on my contact page and I will send you an MP3 of the latest recordings.

Performing: This is a an itch that can never be fully scratched. Playing music for people is so important to me, as this is where the musicians and the audience can rub our collective "sticks" together to make the fire that we all crave. This feeling and energy can not be felt by staying at home or in the studio...